S401/151-153 Hunter Street, Newcastle

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Offering 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartments, many with views of Newcastle Harbour or the magnificent Gothic cathedral on The Hill.

Built with robust, durable materials, Perkins & King will reinforce the character of this coastal city. The gridded framework will give the façade its depth, while the skyline will have a playful transparency to it.

The cool, green colour of the podium fits comfortably within the warm, textured finish of the surrounding masonry heritage façades, effectively linking the two culturally significant premises on the corners of the site.

The ground floor will be dedicated to retail space, with shops that will offer the basics, others that will celebrate the city's famous surfing lifestyle, as well as licensed cafés where you can get both your morning espresso and a quiet nightcap.

A unique position geographically, East End is a city centre locale where you can hear the ship horns of one of the world's busiest harbours, and the waves crashing on the shores of globally renowned surf beaches.

With a master plan that ensures a diverse yet integrated character, taking inspiration from a still-beating historic heart, the best parts of a storied past are being brought together with an exciting future.

Visually, East End's exterior will take heavy cues from the existing heritage architecture, while the interiors will make full use of the area's natural beauty, with high windows to maximise both natural light and the striking views.

Residents will live a best-of-both-worlds existence, with sandy shores and rolling waves a leisurely stroll away, while the city's brand new light rail will ensure that this peninsula is a snap to get in and out of for those who work further afield.

Of course, with brand new retail and commercial spaces peppering the street, plenty of those who call East End home will be able to enjoy the working week from within their own neighbourhood.

And though the smell of sea salt blows in on the breeze, it may be tough to get a whiff of it during the day, with the mouth-watering aroma of roasted coffee beans, sauteed garlic and baked bread wafting up from the cafes and restaurants lining the streets.

Throw in a host of boutique night-time venues, and one of the country's oldest purpose-built theatres – about to receive a complete makeover to bring in world-class entertainment – just across the road, and evenings will be a cultural and culinary delight.

East End represents a master plan that will completely transform Newcastle from Perkins to Newcomen Streets across 4 distinct stages to be completed over several years.

Master planned to embrace and enhance Newcastle's character, having appointed a panel of architects to ensure that – like the city itself – the design is extremely diverse yet completely cohesive.

Durable materials and corner buildings that will be swiftly recognisable as city landmarks will be key to the development, with a variety of colouring throughout.

And more than just looking the part, East End will do it in a completely integrated fashion that ensures the city's famous viewing corridors and vistas – from the proud Gothic cathedral on the hill to the tugboats on the Harbour – are respected and preserved.

Visit the East End Display Suite today at 143 Hunter Street, Newcastle. Hunter Street Mall. Phone 1800 931 088 to make your private appointment to view plans, prices and displays.

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