Liam McAlister

Presence Sales Team-Licensed Agent

About Liam

Introducing Liam, the real estate agent who is more than just a suit and tie! With over 9.5 years of experience and having sold more than 800 properties in his period of real estate don’t let his youthful face fool you, Liam is the go-to person for all your buying or selling needs, from small bush blocks to waterfront mansions.

When he’s not busy making deals, Liam spends his time with his adorable 13-month-old daughter and partner. He loves taking weekend getaways to the coast, Sydney, or Hunter Valley, and he’s always happy to support local businesses and charities.

Life at Presence Real Estate means a lot to Liam, as he values autonomy and accountability to himself, his clients, and his team. His typical day involves preparing for the day ahead, responding to overnight enquiries, negotiating with buyers, booking appraisals, and listing appointments. He enjoys keeping to a routine outside of work too, exercising regularly to stay fit and healthy.

Liam’s clients love him for his exceptional customer service and his honest approach. He tells it how it is and ensures that his clients know what they need to know, not just what they want to hear. With countless positive reviews to show for it, Liam’s reputation in the marketplace is well-established.

In fact, Liam goes above and beyond for his clients, helping them clean their homes before inspections, moving furniture items, and even negotiating on their purchase with another firm to secure a lower price. And when it comes to his work, Liam always strives to get the highest price for the seller while finding a home that meets the needs of the buyer.

“Starting my weekdays with a workout and a swim at Newcastle Beach has proven time and time again to be an effective way to set me up for my day. Add a takeaway coffee from my local cafe and I’m set. If that’s not Newy living, I don’t know what is.”

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